New Home

Ten years  has passed by since Morristown became our hometown. We found Morristown looking for a place to live outside NYC. Searching first in Westchester and Connecticut was beautiful; driving 9A onto the Saw Mill River Parkway finding Chappaqua, saw Bill Clinton’s house. Thought we found our place to live for the limited time we expected to be in the US.

We decided to give New Jersey one day, even though Newark Airport surroundings were less than appealing. At the time “The Sopranos” was a big show in Sweden and we recognized route 78, first confusion taking us into Newark, scary, then route 24 passing Short Hills and Summit gave us hope. It is like a green opening in the landscape that I love to this day. Arriving to Morristown, gave us a European feel and we felt home. It came down to a house in the Township, the owner “Happy Hugger” decided that we were the buyers they had waited for. We are still in the same house and have the best neighborhood we could dream about.


In this very first post we went to the historic Morristown area, Macculloch Hall ( I am wearing my new pants from H&M Studio A/W collection, was lucky to find them in the city. Love to wear them with a casual t-shirt and my bag from Marc Jacobs. The pendant is from Designtorget in Sweden, design Pandia Smycken.

Thank you for visiting my page. Have a wonderful day!



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