Sample Sale

Hi, Fun day, decided to hunt down a few Sample sales and find out if they were any good. They are found them online, just search Sample Sale NYC, one good website is: Had time for three; Rent The Runaway, DNKY and ILoro Piana. All very different! IMG_2161IMG_2157 My favorite was ILoro Piana, just too expensive, it’s was about 60% off retail. The DNKY was not very interesting and I left quickly. The Rent a Runaway sale was great if you look for a nice designer dress but not ready to pay the price. Rent a Runaway (, rents out dresses, bags and jewelry for about a 10th of the full price. At the sale these items were sold out, there were some defects to look for. IMG_2168 I found several dresses that I could have kept, decided on a dress from Valentino Red (was $595, paid $104) and a bracelet (was $75, paid $10). 


Upcoming Sample Sales …

l   210624_orig 9647089

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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