Farmers Market


I hope that you had a nice weekend! Did you know that New Jersey is called the Garden state?


It is not the first thought when arriving to Newark Airport, crowded with industry and roads. My first time traveling to the US was 2003 and we arrived to Newark with Scandinavian Airlines. We went into a yellow taxi that took us into NYC, the driver seemed to be on something and drove like a maniac. My first impression of New Jersey was not the best but it was proved to be wrong for the most of the state. There is wildlife, beaches and mountains. Many lakes and rivers where my son is spending his time fishing, and gardens, farms and parks.


In many places there are farmers markets and we are trying to go to the Farmers market in Morristown every Sunday to stock up for the week. There is fresh caught fish, farm eggs, lots of vegetables, flowers, honey, bread, meat, cheese etc. Very worthwhile spending a little money and time.


We got fresh cod that we had yesterday for dinner, a pork shoulder for next weekend, eggs, pumpkins, tomatoes, pepper, fresh garlic, flowers and much more.


My daughter and I had lunch after visiting the farmers market. Pumpkin with ginger from the farmers market, my homemade sourdough baguette and vegetables from our garden.


Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Monday!


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