I hope that the weekend was good to you! We went to a fun Halloween party at my neighbors. We did also get soccer games, runs and dinners in. A little tired now when it is Monday morning.

Today I’m writing about SWEA, it is an organization for Swedish woman. My friend in Sweden told me about the organization when we were moving to the US and told me to call her friend that was involved in the New Jersey Chapter. SWEA is represented in over 80 countries. For me, SWEA is a family, in many ways. We meet over coffee, dinners, go to events together. In the beginning I joined “lekgruppen”, for mother and young children, it was great for both me and my son that was four and only knew swedish found friends to play with that understood his language. I got to share my experiences and it made everything much easier for us.  I have met many really good friends are thankful for having this great group of women around me.


About a week ago we met at my friend Rose’s house, she hosted SWEA coffee, most swedes can’t go through a day without coffee, including me, and are also using it as an excuse to be social. When I was new in the US, I used to invite people for coffee and often got the response that they don’t really drink coffee after breakfast… What I really tried to do was to be social and invite them to my home.

Thank you for reading and have a nice evening!





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