I hope that you are well! It was a couple of years ago since I last hosted a jewelry party at my house. I used to sell jewelry from Chelala together with my friend Claudia, she imported the pieces and we arranged parties at our and friends houses. It was great fun and we did really well!


This time it is for my friend Leslie, she is working with Stella&Dot, they have jewelry, bags, purses and scarves. Many nice things that I would like to keep and good prices. If you are interested contact Leslie.


I prepared with nice wines, cheese, fresh berries, raspberry pie and cookies (Drömmar – Dreams). I did also promise drinks, we made great drinks from Canton, a ginger liquor. Mixing with San Pellegrino Limonata, Rom, lime and mint leaves. Everybody loved it!



Homemade Swedish cookies – called Drömmar – Dreams



I have a few pieces from before, the rebel necklace that I use often and is shown on the featured image and the gray showed below, it is not sold now, the Tempest Necklace is pretty close. I think I will get the Makena Pendant Necklace, Tansy Fringe Collar and a few christmas gifts for friends and family for my credit.

Thank you for reading, I wish you a great week!



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