Celebrating Eight years of adorable



Wow it is nice today! Was freezing for a few days and now the sun is out and I am soon going for a run. We celebrated our youngest about a week ago, she wished for a home birthday party inviting 20 friends, Fun! We decided to do a breakfast party and loaded the basement with balloons, disco lights and a playlist with her favorite music on Spotify. Ending with the Swedish tradition of fishing the goody bag.IMG_2910

First I had to check with all parents that we have safe food for everyone, one mom was finally picking up the mix for cake and cupcakes. We are rarely using any mixes, in the case of nut allergies we are careful so this time it is Betty Crocker mix. My middle daughter made Owl cupcakes and a fox cake!

For breakfast we served, scrambled eggs, yoghurt, waffles, raspberries and blueberries, bagels with creme cheese and juices.


After Breakfast, dance party and pillow war in the basement. They played freeze dance, great fun!



DSC_0673  DSC_0678

Cake time…



Last but very popular fishing of goody bags, big brother put lots of interesting items on the hook. Among those, his underwear…

DSC_0726 DSC_0734  DSC_0738DSC_0735

Thank you for reading, Have a wonderful day!


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