SACC Lucia Trade Award 2014


I hope that you are surviving this busy season. So much that needs to be done and enjoyed! I was invited to a Black Tie dinner, the SACC Lucia Award. It was a great evening together with a few close friends and many interesting people related or from Sweden. The dinner was held at The Pierre, A Taj Hotel, New York, a beautiful location and hotel. Me and my friend tried to do the best of what we had and did wear my mother and grand mothers furs. Not often that they can come out from storage, this was the perfect time and it was turning cold, it is freezing in NYC when it is cold. The furs are warm and I felt like I should use them more often. I would not buy a new fur, I do like to use the vintage because they are already made.


On the subway in a fancy outfit!


A walk through the city, looking at amazing window displays, this is Barneys.

IMG_3300 IMG_3301

Stopped at Fika for a coffee and Biskvie…


Checking the look before cocktails.


Fancy cocktail reception with dear friends.


The recipient of the Lucia Trade Award 2014 was Annika Falkengren.

The entertainment was performed by Michaela von Koch, Niclas Dellham, Anna-Lena Björklund and Måns Ek. The evening ended with a beautiful Lucia performance.


Walking fifth avenue back to the car, I love the city at night.


Thank you for reading, have a wonderful weekend!





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