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Thank you for visiting my website.  I am excited to write about our life in America. My husband and I came to the US together with our two small children ten years ago. It was sad to move away from dear friends and family and it still are, we were missing them. On the positive side we found many friends and an interesting life. I find inspiration in my husband, children, family and friends.

My childhood was a different from many of my friends. Both my parents went to art school (Konstfack) in Stockholm, Sweden. Our family moved to Gotland, an island, to live on a farm, grow vegetables and make a living on making pottery and paintings. Me and my three brothers grew up with horses, sheep, dogs, cats and many other animals.

I was not convinced that an artistic path would be right for me, even though the guidance counselor suggested that I should go for an education to make art, sewing or something in that field. I was strong in the scientific subjects and decided that it would make more sense. I became a Biochemical engineer and have worked in drug research, drug development and business development, it has been great! Now you wonder where I am getting with this. Well, I am just 40 and in that stage when I believe most women have thoughts about the choices made. I am there and my son that is 14 is sure about that, and I am pointing out that he is becoming a teenager (he is actually really nice and amazing this far, just a little obsessed in fishing).

To make matter worse, last spring I was in a ski accident, major concussion. Just getting back to work and then another accident, hit by a car that missed the red light, totaled my car and a second whiplash for me. I realized that we can all be gone in a second, I am so lucky to still be here with my family. Our three children are growing up and me and my husband have been cray busy working and traveling, we agreed that it was time for our children to have at least one parent around. This gives me the opportunity to be creative and explore my artistic genes.

My mother has told me over the 10 years that we lived here in the US, to write about the life and about all wonderful people we meet. Now I am, looking forward to share the life of a Swedish woman just outside of NYC.

Thank you so much for reading!




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