Hi, I hope you are well! What a busy week… It is fall break in Sweden, My husband has his birthday last Friday and my youngest daughters is on Monday, Halloween today and I am a class mom… and I have three friends over from Sweden. Wow, I wish there was more time. Ready for […]

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Hi, today it is Halloween! A fun time for kids and adults, many parties during a few weeks. Me and My friend were Frida and Agneta from ABBA last Saturday. We went to a crazy fun party at our neighbors with the kids two weeks ago, the pictures are from that event. Today I am […]

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Hi, I hope that you are well! It was a couple of years ago since I last hosted a jewelry party at my house. I used to sell jewelry from Chelala together with my friend Claudia, she imported the pieces and we arranged parties at our and friends houses. It was great fun and we did […]

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Hi, I hope that the weekend was good to you! We went to a fun Halloween party at my neighbors. We did also get soccer games, runs and dinners in. A little tired now when it is Monday morning. Today I’m writing about SWEA, it is an organization for Swedish woman. My friend in Sweden […]

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I hope that you are well! We are having another gorgeous day in Morristown, 21C. I went out for a run this morning and makes my day better, I am sorting out my thoughts. It is the best therapy for me! I am listing on my iPod to Kent, Veronica Maggio, U2, Eddie Vedder and Avicii. The best running clothes are from Lululemon and Athleta, happy shoes from Asics.


Great places to run around Morristown:

Loantaka Park – Easy run on paved paths or on smaller gravel paths with a little fewer people (that is what I prefer). There is an outdoor “gym” that works for me, I do my push ups, pull ups and plank here.


My son and I after a run together, we are enjoying that time together and are talking all the time.

Jockey Hollow – Very hilly, great paths to run on.

Patriots path – Super pretty and the path goes on forever, it is hilly and fun! Be careful, two of my running friends ended up on the ER to be stitched up after falling.

Have fun!

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your weekend!



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