Hi, I hope that the weekend was good to you! We went to a fun Halloween party at my neighbors. We did also get soccer games, runs and dinners in. A little tired now when it is Monday morning. Today I’m writing about SWEA, it is an organization for Swedish woman. My friend in Sweden […]

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I hope that you are well! We are having another gorgeous day in Morristown, 21C. I went out for a run this morning and makes my day better, I am sorting out my thoughts. It is the best therapy for me! I am listing on my iPod to Kent, Veronica Maggio, U2, Eddie Vedder and Avicii. The best running clothes are from Lululemon and Athleta, happy shoes from Asics.


Great places to run around Morristown:

Loantaka Park – Easy run on paved paths or on smaller gravel paths with a little fewer people (that is what I prefer). There is an outdoor “gym” that works for me, I do my push ups, pull ups and plank here.


My son and I after a run together, we are enjoying that time together and are talking all the time.

Jockey Hollow – Very hilly, great paths to run on.

Patriots path – Super pretty and the path goes on forever, it is hilly and fun! Be careful, two of my running friends ended up on the ER to be stitched up after falling.

Have fun!

Thank you for reading and have a great rest of your weekend!



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Prada by caska featuring wall art
I hope that you are having a great day! It is Monday and I was playing with Polyvore, it is fun and easy to be spending time on. You can upload images from Internet and create whatever you like. I used my own picture from my previous post and found items that you can buy now if you like. Have fun with it!
Well, it is time to drive my son to his soccer practice.
Thank you for reading and have a wonderful rest of your day!
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Farmers Market


I hope that you had a nice weekend! Did you know that New Jersey is called the Garden state?


It is not the first thought when arriving to Newark Airport, crowded with industry and roads. My first time traveling to the US was 2003 and we arrived to Newark with Scandinavian Airlines. We went into a yellow taxi that took us into NYC, the driver seemed to be on something and drove like a maniac. My first impression of New Jersey was not the best but it was proved to be wrong for the most of the state. There is wildlife, beaches and mountains. Many lakes and rivers where my son is spending his time fishing, and gardens, farms and parks.


In many places there are farmers markets and we are trying to go to the Farmers market in Morristown every Sunday to stock up for the week. There is fresh caught fish, farm eggs, lots of vegetables, flowers, honey, bread, meat, cheese etc. Very worthwhile spending a little money and time.


We got fresh cod that we had yesterday for dinner, a pork shoulder for next weekend, eggs, pumpkins, tomatoes, pepper, fresh garlic, flowers and much more.


My daughter and I had lunch after visiting the farmers market. Pumpkin with ginger from the farmers market, my homemade sourdough baguette and vegetables from our garden.


Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Monday!


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I hope you are well today! It is another day in October, fall is windy at the moment.

My friend Claudia and I enjoyed our hot latte this morning. I feel like I need more candles at home at this time of the year, even though its warmer and brighter than in Sweden. I remember how hard it was in November, my mother used to say that it is good that my birthday is in November because it is the worst month of the year… I am waking up my children when it is still dark and we have hot cocoa, toasted homemade baguette and candles, it is good start on the day.


I thought that would try my new Prada dress that I found at the rummage sale last weekend, it is a classic straight black dress that I hope to be able to fit in for many more years. I love the color of Salmon in this poncho from H&M, it reminds me of my grandmother in Sweden, I miss her so much! I painted my nails pink, for the month of October – Breast cancer awareness month.


My silver necklace was a gift I received after my years on the SWEA NJ board,  it is from Efva Attling. A fantastic designer in Sweden!


Take care of your loved ones and enjoy the weekend!




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The Grateful Alive


I wish that I wrote something about the event we attended last Saturday, getting to it today. I was at the Pink Out at Sona Thirteen together with my husband, the bar is sponsoring the evening. My friends that are hosting have been doing the Avon walk, 39 miles, for several years and are planning to do so again this year. If you like to support, follow the link – The Grateful Alive.

Pink out

They are wonderful and beautiful girls working hard for all of us!

Pink out 2

I am so thankful for my family and friends, time is precious and it is easy to forget what matters.

Jen and I

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful Friday!


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Rummage Sale


We had a very busy weekend! Starting off visiting the Visiting Nurse Association of Somerset Hills that had a rummage sale in Bedminster, I heard of the sale and finally able to see it, supposedly a very good sale. The area is one of the most wealthy in the US and I would imagine that people are giving away nice things.


My friend Missy was going to join me with her two year old, when she arrived she panicked. A very long line for parking and the place seemed to be crazy busy. She gave up and when she tried to get out of line, a crash happened behind her… I was on my own, managed to park after about 20 minutes.


White tents with organized items, long lines to all of them. I started with the women’s boutique and was able to enter after about 15 minutes. A nice selection of clothes, the most famous brands were labeled and on a separate rack. You could find, Stella McCartney, Valentino, Versace, Moschino and much more. I found more than I was ready to keep, finally I decided on a Prada dress, Moschino skirt, Elieen Fisher top and a shirt from Lloro Piano (much more affordable than the Sample sale, I paid $10). For my 11 year daughter I got two Vera Bradley bags, $20 each, seemed brand new. I visited the children’s tent and spend $42 on two bags of clothes – JCrew, Vince, Mudd, Aeropostale etc.

DSC_0619  DSC_0628 DSC_0631  DSC_0638 DSC_0639 DSC_0623 DSC_0634 DSC_0622

The rummage sale happens twice a year, look at the visiting nurses web site – http://www.visitingnurse.org/news-and-events/rummage/

Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day!


My finds…



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Sample Sale

Hi, Fun day, decided to hunt down a few Sample sales and find out if they were any good. They are found them online, just search Sample Sale NYC, one good website is: http://www.nycinsiderguide.com/. Had time for three; Rent The Runaway, DNKY and ILoro Piana. All very different! IMG_2161IMG_2157 My favorite was ILoro Piana, just too expensive, it’s was about 60% off retail. The DNKY was not very interesting and I left quickly. The Rent a Runaway sale was great if you look for a nice designer dress but not ready to pay the price. Rent a Runaway (https://www.renttherunway.com/), rents out dresses, bags and jewelry for about a 10th of the full price. At the sale these items were sold out, there were some defects to look for. IMG_2168 I found several dresses that I could have kept, decided on a dress from Valentino Red (was $595, paid $104) and a bracelet (was $75, paid $10). 


Upcoming Sample Sales …

l   210624_orig 9647089

Thank you for reading and have a wonderful day!


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