Tasty tomatoes and vegetables from our own garden!


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It is great living close to NYC, just a train ride away from Morristown. My husband and I missed our anniversary last week when he was in France, we made it our night this Tuesday instead.

Our dinner plans got some help from Gilt (, website worth visiting.







Megu ( became our choice of restaurant for the evening, I have been to their lower manhattan restaurant before, nice and good. The atmosphere in this restaurant on 47th street was less interesting, the food just as good. Flavorful, interesting and surprising dinner, wine paring excellent!


I love walking in NYC both at day and night, the city breathes in a special way.


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My Garden


I can’t believe this weather! We were melting away at my daughters soccer game Sunday. We should have been on a beach, there are fantastic beaches in NJ. I was surprised when I discovered that. Well, we have small garden and from the start not many plants to enjoy. For me gardening is therapy, a kind of meditation to cut and change.

Last year we got a raised vegetable garden, my husband and son put it together, it looks great. We planted a grapevine on the side of the new garden, it was perfect and we got lots of green grapes hanging from the trellis.

DSC_0545     DSC_0009

My children are helping out with the spring planting every year and we have lots of tomatoes, mostly cherry. Kids eat them like candy! There are also lettuce, herbs, swiss chard, eggplant, peppers, broccoli, beans and more.


We have flowers, at the moment my Dahlias are beautiful! The Marigold I got for mother’s day are adorable, planted in a pot with a green pepper plant and Sage.

DSC_0532DSC_0002  DSC_0548DSC_0535

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Summer meets fall


Summer is starting to fade and fall is starting to show its colors. The fall in New Jersey it is beautiful, the weather still warm. If you have the chance, drive through Vermont during October, it is fantastic!

I am meeting up with my friend Claudia for lunch in the Leonard J. Buck Garden,  (


It is hidden in the woods close to Far Hills. The Leonard J. Buck Garden is one of the premier rock gardens in the eastern United States. Begun in the late 1930’s, the garden has reached a breathtaking point of maturity. It consists of a series of alpine and woodland gardens situated in a 33-acre wooded stream valley. Named for Mr. Leonard J. Buck, who developed the garden as part of his estate, it was donated to the Somerset County Park Commission by Mrs. Helen Buck in 1976.

DSC_0263 DSC_0146

I am wearing a pretty dress from Papaya before the weather turns colder, the furry scarf from Jean Paul Berlin is bringing some warmth to my dress. I found the shoes from Camper shopping with my friends last year celebrating my birthday, it is easy to wear them a day in the city and still have happy feet. The vintage Mulberry bag is a gift from my Mother in Law.

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Camilla DSC_0040


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hope all is well with you! I am having time again to see my friends, I am so happy about that. I met Sussie ten years ago at the SWEA “lekgrupp”, we have been great friends since then. Sussie had at the time only one daughter, about the same age as my son. Now a mother of three, teacher in Swedish school.

We enjoyed a nice lunch, both having Quiche, my favorite cafe in Morristown, The Artist Baker ( The treats are also well worth a visit, the best macaroons I have had in the US.


I brought a few macaroons home, happy children!

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New Home

Ten years  has passed by since Morristown became our hometown. We found Morristown looking for a place to live outside NYC. Searching first in Westchester and Connecticut was beautiful; driving 9A onto the Saw Mill River Parkway finding Chappaqua, saw Bill Clinton’s house. Thought we found our place to live for the limited time we expected to be in the US.

We decided to give New Jersey one day, even though Newark Airport surroundings were less than appealing. At the time “The Sopranos” was a big show in Sweden and we recognized route 78, first confusion taking us into Newark, scary, then route 24 passing Short Hills and Summit gave us hope. It is like a green opening in the landscape that I love to this day. Arriving to Morristown, gave us a European feel and we felt home. It came down to a house in the Township, the owner “Happy Hugger” decided that we were the buyers they had waited for. We are still in the same house and have the best neighborhood we could dream about.


In this very first post we went to the historic Morristown area, Macculloch Hall ( I am wearing my new pants from H&M Studio A/W collection, was lucky to find them in the city. Love to wear them with a casual t-shirt and my bag from Marc Jacobs. The pendant is from Designtorget in Sweden, design Pandia Smycken.

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