Hi, I hope you are well! It is still November and we have just celebrated Thanksgiving with friends, lots of good food. I am part of SWEA and the Swedish School in NJ, last weekend we arranged a Christmas fair, with Lucia pageants. It is a tradition in Sweden for young boys and girls to […]

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Hi, I hope that the weekend was good to you! We went to a fun Halloween party at my neighbors. We did also get soccer games, runs and dinners in. A little tired now when it is Monday morning. Today I’m writing about SWEA, it is an organization for Swedish woman. My friend in Sweden […]

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hope all is well with you! I am having time again to see my friends, I am so happy about that. I met Sussie ten years ago at the SWEA “lekgrupp”, we have been great friends since then. Sussie had at the time only one daughter, about the same age as my son. Now a mother of three, teacher in Swedish school.

We enjoyed a nice lunch, both having Quiche, my favorite cafe in Morristown, The Artist Baker ( The treats are also well worth a visit, the best macaroons I have had in the US.


I brought a few macaroons home, happy children!

Thank you for reading!


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